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Websites Posted on 11 Jan, 2017 12:09PM

I published just now my last file on my site that is Lino’s Pages. The address of the English site is (copy and paste on your browser)

If you want you can find the previous version in Italian and Spanish. The French one is still to be prepared. Address:

I’ll finish this English edition that I’ll bring others up to date

Gospel’s comment

Spirituality Posted on 11 Jan, 2017 12:01PM

Copy and paste this address, to reach my daily comments about one can follow Jesus Christ being a layman fully immersed in the real world


Actuality Posted on 09 Jan, 2017 12:38PM

I don’t know if Mr. Obama did good or not in the States, because I don’t live there. But here in Europe I’m wondering that he isn’t satisfied yet about all the problems he has caused to the rest of the World.
The manic obsession to bring down dictatorships in the Middle East and Africa to help the ‘Arab Spring’ has caused more casualties of the Vietnam War, and almost led to a new cold war. I’m not surprised that he did not have anything to say about the absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia, and even that has approved that the thug French president Sarkozy begun bombing in Libya without asking anything to anyone, and had caused the greatest humanitarian disaster of history of the Mediterranean.
I’m surprised that, a few days before the end of his presidence, he insists on giving orders and making foolishnesses that after few days will be cancelled immediately by the next USA President Donald Trump